L Waterhouse

Lindsey Waterhouse

Lindsey Waterhouse is responsible for working with select clients and developing marketing and public relations campaigns and partnerships. Waterhouse is the first female sports marketing representative to sign a number one draft pick in the 2018 NFL Draft; Baker Mayfield. Prior to co- founding Waterhouse Hayes, Waterhouse led the sports division at NCLUSIVE, and began her career at Entertainers & Athletes Group, where she was Vice President of Public Relations, from 2007-2010. Waterhouse’s experience managing publicity, marketing, event planning, branding, digital marketing and community relations for high profile athletes and talent allows clients to attain much needed exposure in and outside of the sports world. 

Lindsey’s work in public relations & marketing is based upon the ideologies of managing all branding opportunities, as well as the digital assets for professional athletes and industry leaders. She instills an athlete-centric approach, serving each athlete’s personal and professional brand on and off the field, court, and any other arena they may choose to partake in. Lindsey’s clients include NFL Pro Bowlers and future Hall of Famers. She raises consciousness through intersecting public relation’s creative and business the build brand identity and consumer awareness through strategic outreach, lifestyle initiatives, and event marketing programs. 

Lindsey believes that understanding and prioritizing a client’s goals speaks to and helps build upon their overall personal brand messaging. Before diving into solutions, she works hand-in-hand with clients to understand their immediate and long-term aspirations, personal values, and core directives. Through research, outreach, and her decade of expertise, she devises strategies to pair the athlete’s current market with their brand mission - ultimately driving the creative process and enhancing the client’s public relations opportunities.