Hilary Laffer

Marketing & Design Strategist

believes that when people who work together understand each other, they collaborate more fully, make progress faster and inspire their best work. As a veteran brand strategist, project manager and non-practicing lawyer, Hilary’s knowledge of creative business is well rounded and deep. She understands the particular challenges businesses face through two decades working with diverse clients ranging from large consumer brands AT&T, Sony, and Disney, to real estate brokers Industry Partners and Conroy Commercial, to developers Hackman Capital Partners, MackUrban, and Wilson Meany. Hilary is also the founder of FLUENTc, a communications consulting practice, she holds a bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, and she completed her law degree from Syracuse University and is an inactive member of the California Bar.

A tireless home cook, she also relishes working with restaurant brands Cast Iron Partners, The Fields LA, Bottlefish, Farmshop, Gott’s Roadside, and Bestia. Hilary can be found playing tennis, perfecting the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe, spending time with her nieces and nephews, as well as taking spontaneous trips to exotic locales – when possible.