Jon Greene

Commercialization Strategist

has been leading and advising investor backed start-up’s in the healthcare, energy, biotech sectors for nearly two decades. In these roles, he has managed technology to product commercialization, provided financial oversight and planning, and secured relationships with investors and strategic partners. For his latest venture, Sterifre Medical Inc., Jon was instrumental in building an industry-focused team that raised $15M in capital, secured a multi-million-dollar branding relationship with a Fortune 500 partner, and moving the technology from lab prototype to manufacturable unit in 18 months.

Although not an engineer by degree, he brings over a decade of engineering management experience in the context of new product design and development. Such interactions have enabled him to make positive contributions to strategic business and product development initiatives, leading to numerous patents and trade secrets for organizations.

Jon’s core skills including building teams, technology licensing, financial analysis, and operational planning from concept to market. He has worked and consulted for numerous brands, including Vail Resorts, Burton Snowboards, and Corning Inc. One of the key factors for his success is his ability to be an empathetic communicator, as well as translating highly technical information in print and presentations to a range of audiences. To all projects Jon brings a strong intellectual curiosity, analytical ability, and collaborative decision-making process that is a framework for successfully navigating to success.

Jon currently is active in his community as a first responder and a commissioner for the City of Ithaca’s Board of Public Works.