Our Partners

Expertise. Efficiency. Execution.

Our core competencies and relationships are not limited to those of our own. We leverage the skill sets and experience of partners that expand our ability to drive client success.




We work with Advertising Wheels to bring brand partners to their national inventory where they leverage information to track ROI.


Strand Venture Partners is an innovative venture firm with investments in sectors that include media, sports, food service and consumer products. We work with SVP to bring funding and advisory services to its portfolio companies.

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A creative media and entertainment business development consultancy that we partner with on a variety of projects.


A licensing agency that executes strategic marketing alliances for consumer products. We partner with them for select product licensing.

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Loud Capital is a venture firm with a diversified portfolio of assets and and global projects. We work with some of their companies as well as consult on some of their global outreach.




All initiatives come with moving parts that call for a range of relevant, and often diverse, experience, agility, and the coordinated efforts of invested team members. We believe that success shouldn’t require more people or more information, but rather the right experience from the right people at the right time – C-Suite professionals who bring deeply informed insights, discerning strategy, focus, and discipline. Our approach relies on a small collective of subject-matter experts who utilize 360-degree lateral thinking to launch, grow or reinvent a business.


Amy Swift

Brand Strategist


Dario Antonioni

Experiential Design Strategist


Hilary Laffer



Jon Greene

Commercialization Strategist